I totally forgot about these pictures from Thanksgiving! He's too cute not to share.


Dear North Carolina, please make up your mind. Sincerely, Confused.


growing towards the light

yes, I think spring is well on its way.



just pink taking over the world. and the first risk game I've ever played to the end.



spinning in the air

We trekked on over to the fair this past week for the first time. I was excited about taking pictures, and I like the ones I got, even though it was a cloudy day. I didn't like how loud and crowded it was, but I loved the rides. Maybe spinning upside down while rolling from side to side isn't everyone's idea of fun, but I had a blast!



shooting together

There are not supposed to be eighty degree days in October, but this was one of them. A friend from Minnesota was in the area with her family and they stopped to see us for a little while. It was so nice to catch up! She loves to take pictures too, and we both got our DSLRs around the same time. It was nice to have someone to learn with! We went to a little park and took some pictures together. It was the first time I'd picked up my camera in a week or two, and it felt so good! She actually blogs too, so you may see some pictures of the park over at her blog soon! 


I made: minions

I apologize for the silence on the blog lately. It's been rather low on the priority list so far this school year. I really do want to share these pictures with you though, because everyone I've showed so far has loved them and I love them too. I showed you the one on the far left a while ago but he's been joined by several others and I wanted to introduce them too. They weren't cooperating very well for a group picture, but I managed to get three of them looking at the camera! These were so much fun to knit up; my favorite part was putting the faces on them. The sad thing is, most of them have been sold already, but I still have a few left for a little while.

This one has a bit of a squashed look and it makes him look even more cute! 

This was my first one, to me he looks absent minded :)

This guy is ready to have fun, and last of all is my favorite! 

I love his little smirk!

I have knit up a storm lately; getting ready for a craft sale and I have miles to go! I promise I'll take pictures of all of it before I sell anything to show you. I'm off to knit some more!



The weather is cooling down and we're taking advantage of it!
A couple of nights ago she and her friend spent an hour twirling till they fell down,
 running to see the picture, then doing it again. They were laughing the whole time!


story ten: hiking up a mountain

Piper- my cousin and hiking buddy

Do you remember Pippi? You were my hiking buddy all the way up to Hanging Rock. You wanted to look at every colored leaf, cool bug, and unusual rock. We made quite a train, with everyone chatting, resting, or walking. It was worth it to get to the top! You wanted to go all over but I made you hold my hand because there were some crazy drop-offs! I think it's a good thing Mommy didn't see you because then she didn't have to worry. On the way down you ate trail mix and only complained about being tired a few times! I couldn't believe you made it all that way because the hike was hard. I'm so glad God made all that beautiful creation for us to admire. Maybe someday we'll hike together again! 


I made: hearts on a stick

I feel like I've been knitting all the time but I only have a couple of things show you. I really love all of them!

First up are these little creatures I knit up for my cousins while we were visiting with them. I entirely made the up using four double pointed needles, the duplicate stitch for the patches, and the i-cord for the arms and feet. I really love how they turned out and my cousins did too! 

While I was knitting the creatures above I remembered the minions from Despicable Me. They were basically the same shape so I googled it to see if there was a pattern. I mixed a couple to make one that looked very similar the the real version. I love how they turned out, and so did everyone I showed. I have four now, in several different stages of being completed. I'm putting a picture of a minion from the movie just for comparison. Don't you love how they turned out?

The last thing I have ready to show you is some art I made for an empty space in my room. This wall is always changing (see here and here) but it's been empty for a while since my picture collage started falling down. I finally whipped this up and it will be there for a while because I really like it!

for those of you who scrutinize pictures (join the club :D) the word on my chalkboard 
says "peach" and it's a reminder from an illustration I heard in a sermon a while ago. It doesn't make much sense otherwise 

I found a stick outside and painted it white and then covered it with glitter. I knit the hearts in two pieces and sewed them together than hung them up! Simple- but I love it. 

Since I love ending with questions; do your walls look the same or do you change things all the time like I do?


story nine: baseball together

The boy cousins had so much fun playing ball and frisbee together. These spent most of this particular morning playing a ball game together and at the end they were thirsty! I love all the memories I got; it will most likely be years before they see each other again, so these will be treasured!