I made: hearts on a stick

I feel like I've been knitting all the time but I only have a couple of things show you. I really love all of them!

First up are these little creatures I knit up for my cousins while we were visiting with them. I entirely made the up using four double pointed needles, the duplicate stitch for the patches, and the i-cord for the arms and feet. I really love how they turned out and my cousins did too! 

While I was knitting the creatures above I remembered the minions from Despicable Me. They were basically the same shape so I googled it to see if there was a pattern. I mixed a couple to make one that looked very similar the the real version. I love how they turned out, and so did everyone I showed. I have four now, in several different stages of being completed. I'm putting a picture of a minion from the movie just for comparison. Don't you love how they turned out?

The last thing I have ready to show you is some art I made for an empty space in my room. This wall is always changing (see here and here) but it's been empty for a while since my picture collage started falling down. I finally whipped this up and it will be there for a while because I really like it!

for those of you who scrutinize pictures (join the club :D) the word on my chalkboard 
says "peach" and it's a reminder from an illustration I heard in a sermon a while ago. It doesn't make much sense otherwise 

I found a stick outside and painted it white and then covered it with glitter. I knit the hearts in two pieces and sewed them together than hung them up! Simple- but I love it. 

Since I love ending with questions; do your walls look the same or do you change things all the time like I do?


Katrina said...

The minion is cute. You definitely nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Katelyn!!! I really like the things you made for your cousins!! Since you made them up and stuff, you should give a name. I change my walls a lot too, I mainly have posters and pictures that I cut out from previous calendars. Of course, every one of them features some kind of animal=) I cut out 'speech bubbles' for some of them, and put quotes from my favorite books inside.