story ten: hiking up a mountain

Piper- my cousin and hiking buddy

Do you remember Pippi? You were my hiking buddy all the way up to Hanging Rock. You wanted to look at every colored leaf, cool bug, and unusual rock. We made quite a train, with everyone chatting, resting, or walking. It was worth it to get to the top! You wanted to go all over but I made you hold my hand because there were some crazy drop-offs! I think it's a good thing Mommy didn't see you because then she didn't have to worry. On the way down you ate trail mix and only complained about being tired a few times! I couldn't believe you made it all that way because the hike was hard. I'm so glad God made all that beautiful creation for us to admire. Maybe someday we'll hike together again! 


LMLogan said...

Piper's sitting on my lap as I read and show her this! her response is "I have a pretzel" hahaha!! she loved the pictures and sat still while I read it to her! thank you for taking her. I know she had a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is some beautiful scenery! I really love that first picture of the eagle=)
Michaela B.

Adam said...

Oh my goodness- all of the photos are so beautiful!! The first set makes me want to go snowshoeing so bad (just got my snowshoes the other day!).
I loooove the pups and the hike looks so awesome. Is that the lake that you can see as your hiking up Quandary? Or is it on the other side? (Or further away?)