I made: minions

I apologize for the silence on the blog lately. It's been rather low on the priority list so far this school year. I really do want to share these pictures with you though, because everyone I've showed so far has loved them and I love them too. I showed you the one on the far left a while ago but he's been joined by several others and I wanted to introduce them too. They weren't cooperating very well for a group picture, but I managed to get three of them looking at the camera! These were so much fun to knit up; my favorite part was putting the faces on them. The sad thing is, most of them have been sold already, but I still have a few left for a little while.

This one has a bit of a squashed look and it makes him look even more cute! 

This was my first one, to me he looks absent minded :)

This guy is ready to have fun, and last of all is my favorite! 

I love his little smirk!

I have knit up a storm lately; getting ready for a craft sale and I have miles to go! I promise I'll take pictures of all of it before I sell anything to show you. I'm off to knit some more!


Emily said...

Those. Are. SO. Cute. I'm going to have to find the time to start knitting again so I can make some! Those are super cute!!!

Aunt Doodie said...

These are adorable! When is the craft show? Miss you all. Love, Aunt Doodie